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Abp Ofiesh - - - - - - - - - - - -Patriarch Nikon, ST.D
1st Archbishop - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1st Patriarch

of the Church

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Andrew, Chorepiscopus, O.Th.d
Medically Retired - March 29, 2016

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Archbishop Victor, Ph.D
First Metropolitan of the Church [1997-2007]
PO Box 121, Sudan, Tx. 79371

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Former Synod Members

Dec. 2009

The following clergy left because they refused to follow the canons and the Constitution of the Church as written by the Synod that Chartered this Church. The canons also state a bishop should know the canons.

When it was discovered that certain clergy would not obey the canons the Patriarch suggested if they could not obey the canons that they may wish to leave and was advised they would not leave. A few days later they sent a message (by email) that their had been a vote to leave this Canonically established Church. Dominin sent word on behalf of his auxiliary bishops. GeoMichael sent in his resignation by email. Metr. Leland also by email stated he was gone and would be using a name similar to ours. All left without letters because they refused to obey a local canon, the Sacred and Divine canons and the Church constitution. All other claims are just made to make their exit appear to be "orthodox". When it was stated the OCA has a similar local canon the reply was the OCA is not "orthodox". The Local canon, like that of the OCA requires a mandate by the Holy Synod for All ordinations. This canon was intentionally violated.

Our synod, in 1998, stated the Archbishop Presidents position was protected in more direct statements than the 1927 constitution, written by the Russian Synod (Moscow Patriarchate) who issued our Charter, which states that all acts of the synod must be approved by the Archbishop President. Our presiding bishop has full authority similar to that of Metropolitan Philip of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese today.

Abp. Dominic violated the local canon by asking the abbot to ordain without the mandate, and none was ever requested and violated the Sacred and Divine canons (c55 of the 85c) by insulting the Patriarch. The Rudder states in such an instance the individual should be deposed. We have not acted in this matter since their actions show they are not truely orthodox. He also attempted to undermine the authority of the Patriarch and makes statements in an attempt to discredit others.

We view their leaving as the will of God.

We wish to state that by leaving as they have they have no authority to act in Our name and that any ordinations they did in violation of the canons were neither valid or regular. Secret ordinations are not acceptable to us.

We feel that by their stated intent to use a name like ours they are proving our claims that they are not orthodox, just acting like independent wanna-bees.

Abp. Leland

Abp. Dominic

Bp. Abbot GeoMichael

Bp. Joseph

Bp. Augustine

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Abp. John Carroll, United Kingdom

Bp. John Cassian, Columbus, Ohio (deposed)

Bp-Abbot Cyril, Reposed

Bp. Joseph

Abp. George Paul - Reposed

Bp. Ignatus C. - Reposed

Bp. L. Falance, AZ - Reposed

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Denis, Paul, Paul II and Andrei - deposed

4 clergy attempted to steal our church name

Viewed as theft of Church property these unorthodox
individuals were deposed and anathamized as the canons direct.

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Bp. Cyril W. - Reposed

First Synod of Canonical Bishops

Abp. Aftimios Ofiesh
Reposed 1966

Bp. Sophronius Beshara
Resposed in 1940, remains moved from NY Mt Olive cemetery and reburied by Antiocians at Antiochian Village next to St. Raphael.

Bp. Joseph (Zuk)
left in 1933 to work with Ukrainians, reposed 1934

Auxilary Bishop Ignatius Nichols

was not listed as part of the synod. This is documented in the Newspaper article about the newly established synod in 1932. He was consecrated in 1932 as an auxilary bishop of this Church prior to this newspaper article and he is mentioned inthis article but not as a member of the synod. He left THEOCACNA in 1933, without the required letters, as documented on Orthodoxwiki who claims he left to marry. He became pastor of a community church in 1942 and reposed as a protestant pastor in 1947 He did not ordain or consecrate as a bishop of this Church prior to leaving. In 1934 he was claiming to be an Archbishop of the Holy Orthodox Church in America, an independent group that was not canonical. No act after he left THEOCACNA was done with valid orders from this church or a mandate. We view Ignatius Nichols as an Episcopi Vagant after he left this canonically estabished Church.