American Orthodox Patriarchate

On July 6, 2003 The North American Holy Synod of The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America Declared itself The American Orthodox Patriarchate. As the American Orthodox Catholic Church which is our short name (see the 1927 Charter) and since we were establised as an autocephalous and autonomous Church we have the right as a canonically established Church to canonically declare ourself a Patriarchate - which we have done.

The American Orthodox Patriarchate



[sm] - was formerly used with our name and logo and is still used with some of the other Service Marks of this Church Corporation (Theocacna, Society of Clerks Secular of St. Basil , American Orthodox Catholic Church).

The Registered logo (with name) shown above, the two headed (Russian style) eagle with banner below containing our corporate name - The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America have the to indicate our name & logo are our Registered Service Mark. We also have the Name & Logo as our registered Trade name & Trademark duly registered in Arizona prior to US Registration.

Many Churches, mainly in the independent movement, make false and misleading claims that they are us or that they have our lines of apostolic succession. We are the original 1927 corporate Church that received the canonical Charter from the Russian Synod of Bishops in North America.How do you tell if a church is canonical? Get a copy of the book "Orthodoxia" since most canonical Orthodox Churches are listed therein. Also check out the bishops in the church you are looking into. If the bishops are married, the clergy clean shaven, if they use non-orthodox rites (and there is more listed elsewhere throughout our sites) and if they have no Churches, no list or schedule of service times, and brag about their "lines of Apostolic Succession" you might take a wild guess they are not from a canonical ethnic Orthodox Church. Another way is to ask us as we are happy to direct you to the various ethnic orthodox clergy on request. We have a page with the list of Orthodox Churches at

As a Canonically Established Orthodox Church to serve the English speaking orthodox community in and for North America we must be very careful who we associate with. Many of the ethnic old world clergy attempt to deny they know anything about us but there are many sources for true and documented information about us. We must avoid association with the non-canonical indepndent groups because they are not part of the historic Church. We are traditional orthodox and although some of our clergy share the altar and receive communion in SCCOBA canonical Churches we are not in communion with the Ecumenical Patriarch who wants to establish an American Orthodox Church contrary to the Canons. The ethnic clergy turned their back on this Church contrary to the Sacred and Divine Canons and even the Russian Church and Patriarch turned from us, and later established a second church - The Orthodox Church in America, contrary to Canon and Tradition. We have been ignored by the ethnic churches but we are content keeping our distance since some have knowingly and intentionally accepted excommunicated lay persons into their Churches, and by this action they have violated the Canons they claim to live by. We have no desire to violate the Canons and pray with those who are excommunicated [see c. 10 of the Apostolic, or 85, Canons].

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