Reasons to unite with us

By strength we will be recognized.

First; We are canonical.

Second; We are a canonically established Church.

Third; We have recognized lines by the Roman Catholic and Episcopal Churches. As for the Orthodox we have never asked for recognition but from time to time have contact with various ethnic (SCOBA) clergy.

To clergy and individuals in non-traditional churches and those that might be referred to as the independent movement.

As long as you continue in a non-Traditional manner and as an independent organization your chance of recognition by any established Church body that means anything is almost nil.

IF you are interested in growth for your organization, want to be part of a canonical and canonically established Church and desire full communion with other Orthodox Churches then you need to consider changing your present status and joining us!

Click on this link and get the details.

Our clergy have shared the altar with Roman Catholic clergy and with a priest at Sts Peter & Paul SCOBA Ukrainian Church in Wilmington, Del. A few years back one of the clergy also shared the stage with the Dalai Lama when he visited Ohio. He was the only Orthodox clergy on stage. The others were catholic and other clergy.

We are already recognized by Rome as being allowed to give communion to Catholics

One of our former priests was accepted as a priest in the Episcopal Church w/o re-ordination.

We are Orthodox. We follow Holy Scripture, Orthodox Canons and Tradition... in that order. We have recognized lines of Apostolic Succession which is clear from the fact both the Catholics and Episcopalians have no problem with us.

As a number of small organizations none will ever get full recognition from the SCOBA Orthodox or any other major Churches. The Antiochians may accept your small group into their Church but I understand they will demand all Church property be signed over to the Church upfront.

A formal concordat with Rome would be easier with larger member numbers.

We are listed in the Yearbook of American Churches, Handbook of Denominations and the Gale directory.

Join with us and become part of this canonically established Orthodox Church.

Since our lawsuit for Defamation and Harassment many of the troublemakers have stepped back. We feel now that they know we will defend ourselves that it was decided to back off. We have proven in court that we are the one and only THEOCACNA, the 1927 Church originally headed by Abp. Ofiesh and the 1928 Church corporation.

[NOTE: We do not claim all in the independent movement are bad but many of those who do attack us in some way are part of that movement].

Any of the independents who use our name to falsely claim they are us would be guilty of infringing our name [& Registered Service Mark] and could face civil or criminal charges. Many who do not understand the problems associated with the independent movement believe what they hear and believe we have been nothing more than an old catholic church. Once its understood those individuals were not of this Church or lines they may take a closer look at us and discover who we really are.

We often come across independent clergy who stack up a lot of old papers that were written before many of these people were born, then add a few recent photos and cocuments and claim they are part of one or more old world Churches. The old world Churches then deny knowing these people.

We offer communion to all baptized members of the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches.

We have a letter from a Roman Catholic diocese that our clergy could offer communion within our liturgy to Catholics and our clergy have been asked to concelebrate the liturgy with Roman Catholic clergy.

There are some who claimed we are not who we say we are. Legally and Morally we are who we say we are and we can prove who we are and in fact have in court. We are the one and only Church that was established in 1927 by the Russian Synod of Bishops in North America (Moscow Patriarchate) and incorporated in 1928 by Archbishop Aftimios Ofiesh and others. The 1927 Charter many claim was issued to this Church. Our corporate documents from 1928 and the recent ones today are available on request. It would be nice if the original Synod were still alive to help prove who we are but they are not.

Over the years the Churches status has changed. Originally chartered as an autonomous and autocephalous jurisdiction the Church became a Metropolinate and then in 2003 was elevated to a Patriarchate.

About the Synod

Archbishop Peter, a former synod member, had on numerous occasions shared the altar with the SCOBA Ukrainian Church. He was with the Uniate Byzantine Catholic Church prior to his association with THEOCACNA.

Metropolitan Leland, Metropolitan of North and South America, has over 25 years with the Ukrainian Byzantine Church and is the former Chancellor and Vicar of the Eastern United States.

Metropolitan John of Wales is Metropolitan of the British Isles and Western Europe and he has shared the altar with Roman Catholic clergy.

One of our former priests has been accepted by the Episcopal Church, part of the Anglican communion, without "re-ordination".

Bishop Joseph is Bishop of the Western United States and a hospital Chaplain.

Andrew is Chorepicopus and resides in Michigan.

Metropolitan Victor who recently retired from the Office of Metropolitan remains part of the Synod.

Patriarch Nikon heads the Synod but avoids public and political issues.

At the direction of and with the support and approval of the Synod on various occasions we have released a few clergy and accepted the resignations of others. Many are now associated with other churches that were established independently and are not associated with this Church. We do not support or condone the clergy leaving contrary to canon who start up their individual new groups, but we cannot control their acts. We do state that they are not associated with or approved by this Church.

There were a number of churches that used our name and who claim our 1927 Charter as theirs. Some have even incorporated our name in other states. They are not part of this Church. We are "The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America" and this is the one and same Church that was established by the Synod of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church in North America and was headed by Abp. Aftimios, the first Corporate and Synod president.

If you have any questions about anyone claiming to be a member or clergyman of this Church do not hesitate to contact us.

According to our charter we were established by a canonical body - the Synod of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church so we are a canonically established Church. We follow Scripture above all else. We adhere to the Sacred and Divine Canons, the Rudder, of the Orthodox Church, and we follow the traditions of Orthodoxy. Our liturgy is only the full and complete orthodox liturgy as published in the various Orthodox service books.

We are not in full communion but some of our clergy do share the altar with the ethnic canonical clergy and others have been invited to share the altar with canonical orthodox clergy. The purpose of this Church was to be the first American Orthodox Church to serve the English speaking Orthodox community in the new world.

We traditional orthodox?

It should also be noted that THEOCACNA is not attempting to follow in the footsteps of the Schismatic (ethnic) Orthodox who have poor christian manners, lack christian charity and defame deceased Orthodox clergy but we seek to follow in the footsteps of our Lord, to show Christian Charity to people of all faiths and to help when we can.