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Synod Record of:

Paul Stoms of Georgia

Oct. 2004

This information is now being released due to attacks and claims that appear to come from this person who we believe is responsible for making false claims and attacking the Metropolitan. We herein show this person for the liar he is. His false claims, back dated document and his lack of knowledge of the Canons prove him to be an independent claiming to be orthodox.

Paul Stoms had submitted himself to THEOCACNA and later walked away without notice, letter or request for release. This is why he was under the jurisdiction of the North American Holy Synod and Canonically deposed and anathamatized.

Formerly from New Jersey this individual was deposed and anathematized by the North American Holy Synod along with Denis Garrison and others. The decree and findings can be seen below.

Stoms was called Paul II. Stoms had submitted himself to THEOCACNA but the Metropolitan, prior to being elected Metropolitan, had problems with Stoms claimed lines from Germany and expressed this doubt to others at that time.

Proof this individual is not a valid clergyman include his lies about his German history and lines. He claimed his relative in Cologne, Germany was an orthodox bishop but in doing a search to verify these claims one of 3 addresses he gave, all on the same street in Cologne traced back to the Roman Catholic diocese and they stated no such person was known to live in Cologne and there was no known orthodox bishop or seminary there. We also verified this information with the German government. Their tax office stated no such individual was known to them, no such retired attorney, bishop, seminary, etc. and no one by that name was at any address we provided to them.

An unsigned email containing a "decree" supposedly issued by Stoms against the Metropolitan but never mentioned in the past years was received from the AOL account claiming the Metropolitan had been excommunicated from the chaplins organization Stoms claims to operate. This "group" was never an orthodox group and the papers stoms had provided to the Metropolitan were considered an "honorary" title since the Metropolitan never operated in any way as a chaplin for that group. Stoms also claims to have excommunicated the Metropolitan from his "church" which is a trick in itself since the Metropolitan was never a member of Stoms church nor did the Metropolotan ever submit hiself to Paul Stoms or his "church". Since the Metropolitan was never a member of Stoms church and since it was Stoms who violated the Canons and walked away from this Church and joined the new Garrison independent group there never was any jurisdiction. Also the Orthodox Canons do not allow one bishop to excommunicate another Bishop. Stoms originally claimed to be THEOCACNA (a lie and an act of deception) and was contacted by the Metropolitan to cease using our name and he wanted to join us. His "decree" is groundless for many reasons which include he never sent a copy to the Metropolitan until this email copy was received years later. Clearly a backdated item to attack the Metropolitan now that the truth has been published about his friend and associate Garrison. For years these individuals have been making false claims they are us. Since we have documented Garrisons letters, actions that violated the Canons, false claims as well as the Synods findings and decree they again attempt to make false claims of issuing bogus decrees. We have shown the Garrison claimed decree was a lie, now we get another claimed 7 year old decree that comes no where near the canonical requirements.

What is shown here is that this unorthodox individual falsely claims German Orthodox lines is a liar. He claims to have acted against a canonical Metropolitan as an independent clergyman with no authority or jurisdiction. He appears to be the individual behind the unsigned emails threatening to release false medical information, blackmail and coercion. He is not a valid orthodox clergyman as he claims. The documents he submitted to THEOCACNA were not true signed documents. All signatures were in the same hand.

Stoms was convicted of operating a diploma mill in New Jersey where he was arrested for selling business degrees out of the trunk of his car.

Stoms did not, years ago, know what the Pedalion was. One of his former clergy sent him a letter denouncing Stoms as untruthful or a fraud. That was when "pedalion" was brought up.

Stoms most recent contact (March 8, 2005) with the Church was to threaten the Metropolitan to remove the decree or he would contact the Dallas newspaper with his "version" of the matter. We do not respond to threats. In fact, as we did with the threat to disclose medical records, we forwarded the material to the FBI. He showed no remorse for any past actions or claims instead makes threats and demands. Since he has no provable orders and past information proved false the decree only adds to the warning of the public to avoid this persons "sacramental authority claims" or claim of having valid lines of Apostolic Succesion. He has already proven himself a liar by sending the claimed decree that violates the Orthodox Canons and again proves he is not orthodox!

Since the Church won a defamation and invasion of privacy lawsuit in 2004 we are prepared to take further action against any who defame us and act in a reckless or criminal manner. Since the Judge in that lawsuit also states in the judgement the Metropolitan is not a public figure any attacks on the Metropolitan are more severe than on the average individual, public or private, since most people do not have a court order declaring them not a public figure.


Garrison had resigned from this Church and established the OCCNA. He listed his group as

OCCNA (The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America)

Garrison also listed the Metropolitan as a "former Primate" of the OCCNA. This was Garrisons way of claiming to be THEOCACNA after leaving this Church. The Metropolitan was never associated with any group under the OCCNA name.

Since he had resigned from this Church and set up a seperate altar Garrison left all authority and jurisdiction as well as any claim to this Churches lines and history. He set up his independent group and lies that they were this Church. He also lies stating they had the authority to change the church name and that the Charter of this Church was issued to them. As Liars they prove our point.

Stoms was one of those who after being given the opportunity to be a clergyman of this Church decided to walk away without any notice or letter to join the new Garrison group. Setting up a seperate altar, attacking the Metropolitan and theft of Church property by former clergy all violate the Orthodox Canons.

By these actions these individuals prove our case for us. They will lie to prove they are us. They will issue bogus claimed decrees to claim that our synod could not have acted in any manner against them because the Metropolitan signed the decree as our constitution directs. We have already proved the claim that Garrisons group issued a decree against the Metropolitan was a lie. So now Stoms comes up with a decree that is as bogus as the claimed decree of Garrison. What is a fact is that the North American Holy Synod DID issue a true and valid decree against the individuals who willfully violated the canons and who continue to proclaim their lies to defame this Church and Clergy.

In the independent movement these individuals make up their own liturgy, alter existing liturgies and do what they want. They are not orthodox.

Only two canons were used to issue the Synods decree against Garrison, Stoms, Dolan and Brennan. As per the Constitution of this Church the "archbishop president" (Metropolitan) approved and signed the decree for the Synod. The individual bishops signed votes are held in the Churches files.

Violations of the Canons

The following canons are some of those reviewed before the Synod voted on this matter.

Secular employment - c. XI of the 17 canons, c. XI of 85 c.

Set up separate altar - c. XXXI of the 85 c., c. 3 of 25 c., c. XIV of the 85 c.

Separate from their Metropolitan - . XIV of the 17 c.

Pray with deposed - c. XI of the 85 c.

Pray with excommunicated - c. X, XII, XIII of the 85 c.

Insult the Metropolitan - c. LV of the 85 canons

Non-orthodox services - c. XLV of the 85 canons

You may also read the findings and decree issued on other pages on this site.

Please remember when reviewing the following bogus document that the Metropolitan was never part of Stoms "church" and had never submitted himself to any other synod or authority. Also note the canons do not permit one "orthodox" bishop to excommunicate another "orthodox" bishop as Stoms has claimed as his right by this form.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Stoms claimed decree

E-mail message

Date: Tue, Oct 12, 2004, 6:28pm (CDT+1)
Subject: Excommunication/Dishonorable Discharge

The Holy United Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church

Order of Saint Gregory, (German~American Rite)

Saint Gregory Chapel 


Be it known to all and singular to whom this writing may come: 

On various divers dates December 21st.- 31st. 1997 VICTOR PRENTICE of Mountain View Arkansas, formerly Ohio, was DISHONORABLY DISCHARGED from the UNITED CHAPLAIN'S SERVICE and simultaneously was excommunicated from THE HOLY UNITED ORTHODOX CATHOLIC AND APOSTOLIC CHURCH for direct defiance of orders from the Commander-In-Chief General Paul II Stoms, D.D., Oth.D., Ph.D. Who, in his authority as C-In-C has proclaimed VICTOR PRENTICE no longer able to fulfill his function with the UNITED CHAPLAIN'S SERVICE. These orders are irrevocable and shall remain enforced until such a time as he is no longer living.

General Paul II Stoms, D.D.,Oth.D.,Ph.D.

Commander In Chief, UCS/United Orthodox Church


c.c. File

In the Orthicon (newsletter) it was published that Stoms was "received" into this Church. Since the newsletter was published by Garrison at that time it would appear to be factual.

- - - - - - - - -

E-mail message

From: Stoms)
Date: Tue, Mar 8, 2005, 4:29pm (CST+1)
Subject: Your listing of excommunicated personnel

Tuesday 8 March 2005 A.D. 1515 hrs. EST.


as you know to be a fact, I was "[never]" a permanent part of T.H.E.O.C.A.C.N.A.! I was part of an attempt to unite and organize some of the autocephalous Orthodox Churches! I am German~American Orthodox, and, if anything, THEOCACNA joined us through Denis Garrison when he was Patriarch. Even my Consecration reads contrary from what has been written onto the internet! Those particular '[sub~conditionate]' consecrations were an attempt to unite the many different scattered Holy Churches into a loose fitting conglomerate. I have, and always will be German Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic! As I recall it was me who brought you into the Order of Saint Gregory, and the German~American Orthodox Church! This is the '[only]' Holy Church I am Ordained and Consecrated into (permanently). I could lower myself down to petty squables, but to what avail? It would only cause even more dissention in an already existing 'strained' situation.

I am asking you to remove my name from your list of excommunicated persons since I '[never]' was a'[permanent]' part of THEOCACNA! If you fail to do so, I/WE, will have no other course of action than to excommunicate you in the same manner as you have done to me!

You have just moved to Texas, for reasons unknown to me. I would not hesitate to advertise your excommunication, and Dishonorable Discharge from the United Chaplain's Service with the local newspaper, and the Dallas, Texas newspaper. I would do this to alert Orthodox Christian people to avoid non-practicing, bogus, German Orthodox Clergy, or bogus UCS Chaplain's! 

I am a reasonable man, with a Christian heart, so I'll grant you 72 hours to remove my name from your list, or I shall implement the aforementioned, I/We have voted, and decided upon.

Most sincerely,
Archbishop Paul II (Stoms)., Oth.D., Psy.D., Ph.D.
Order of Saint Gregory (German~American Rite)

From: Stoms)
Date: Thu, Mar 10, 2005, 8:37am (CST+1)
To: (Synod Office)
Subject: Re: Your listing of excommunicated personnel: "I am prepared for a Holy War against Terrorists, are you?"
Thursday 10 March 2005 0800 hrs. EST. 

I am in receipt of your letter, and again I must emphasize the fact that The Holy United Orthodox Catholic And Apostolic Church has nothing to do with your Church! In actuality I 'cleansed' myself of anything what-so-ever to do with your Church in 1998! Is it your intention for I/We to excommuni- cate the lot of you, and advertise the divers date and statement as to the why's? If an entire Prosecutor's Office, and five Detectives can be brought down, what makes you think you are invincible, or impervious? The embodiment of your letter says everything about you! Hiding behind a keyboard and claiming someone a liar is how I pictured you! 

You may savor your victory over the last Christian that you 'nailed to your upside down cross!' I will not be one of them! Young man, as long as it is the truth, I have little or nothing to worry about! Especially when it comes to the newspapers! I will grant it that you maybe the coward of cowards, but your alleged Synod, and Terrorist tactics is not recognized by us! It won't take long to figure out who the 'Web Master' is, and with the aid of some high level people, it shouldn't take long to accomplish that which needs to be done!

I have already taken advantage of the new Homeland Security Acts concerning people like your selves! Copy Righting a Holy Church! The darkest day of my life was when I would not take up the position as Patriarch of THEOCACNA, but I am German~American Orthodox Catholic, and would not, or rather could not be installed as the Patriarch of two! Again I must tell you that your '[secular]' courtroom threats are meaningless to me, young man! I must go for now, I have several newspapers to contact with letters, and recorded telephone calls from Victor Prentice! If needs be, I will see you before a Federal Judge for your lies, and demeaning slander. Most importantly your attempts to use 'terrorism', and threats to keep the truth from coming out to the public of what you really are in the Christian world! God help you, and others who are deluded into your snares! 

Most sincerely, 

Archbishop Paul II (Stoms), D.D.,Oth.D.,Psy.D., Ph.D.
Order of Saint Gregory (German~American Rite)
c.c. K. Johnson Atty.
c.c. Homeland Security
c.c. FBI Regional Director 


From: Stoms)
Date: Thu, Mar 10, 2005, 1:13pm (CST+1)
To: (Synod Office)
Subject: Re: Your listing of excommunicated personnel
From: Archbishop Paul II (Stoms), D.D.,Th.D,Psy.D.,Ph.D."
To: Victor Prentice, THEOCACNA

I have taken the liberty of calling the F.B.I., and Homeland Security about your attempt to defile, and ruin the German~American Orthodox Church! I was advised to seek charges on various counts! The difference between Maier and I is the difference of night and Day! I have consulted with the local Magistrate, and the Superior Court of Georgia pertaining to this asinine game being played out. Our Holy Church is not a (paper church), but rather a real, and tangible building with parishioners. As you have prevailed against Maier, Holy Church shall prevail against you. For the documents that I possess will prove out in a Superior Court of the State of Georgia. So, it is up to you! By the way, the Special Agent I spoke with "[laughed]" at the fact of "extortion!" Please bring that charge on me through the FBI! The Special Agent stated: "Then we will become involved with you for 'filing false reports to them!'

Homeland Security was even more interested in this matter! I have suffered you long enough! I have lost five parishioners because of your ill works of excommunication! That is enough to move with the authorities on what the FBI said is nothing but a destructive way of discrediting me and Holy Church!

As I said: "The ball is in my court!" Anyone that attempts to divide The Lord's Church against itself will not stand, and no weapon formed against this Holy Church shall prosper!

Most sincerely, 

Archbishop Paul II (Stoms),D.D.,Th.D.,Psy.D.,Ph.D. 

Order of Saint Gregory (German~American Rite) 



c.c. FBI Atlanta
c.c. K. Johnson
c.c. Hon. M. Murphy

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Our last response to Stoms

From: Office)
Date: Thu, Mar 10, 2005, 10:24am
To: (Paul Stoms)
Subject: Do you deny?

The following is our final reply. Do not reply or email us again. We will not respond to threats and extortion.

Do you now deny we had authority to issue a decree against Garrison and Dolan also?

Do you deny you violated the canons by praying with them?
c. XI of the 85 canons:
If anyone who is a clergyman pray in company with a deposed clergyman, he shall be deposed to

Of course not. Garrison was part of this Church as you were but longer. He brought you into this Church and even with his no longer being part of the Church we have his own words that you were accepted into THEOCACNA. He wrote it and he was the editor. You now deny 6 years after the Synod issued the findings and decree being part of this Church but Garrison published in the newsletter that you were accepted into THEOCACNA. You voted on synod matters. You now claim you were not a "permanent" member. The canons do not distinguish. You violated the canons and our synod acted against you since they had such authority and jurisdiction.

Your bogus excommunication and dishonorable discharge" violate the orthodox canons.* Your continued threats and attacks prove you are not orthodox just as our Churches investigation with German authorities and the Roman Catholic Church in Germany prove you lied to Garrison and others about your "cousin" from Cologne who the government had no record of and one of the addresses you used for him was a Catholic diocese address.

When you go public with these claims you will help bring yourself down. The Metropolitan has had no contact with you since you walked away from this Church and joined with Garrison over 6 years ago.

When you were arrested he backed you, supported you and gave you advice on how he felt you could best protect yourself. This support came after you lied to him stating you had state issued authority to grant business degrees and the papers you sent him (in your file) that you claimed proved you had such authority. The Metropolitan strongly suggested, when you told him you issued business degrees, that you shuld only issue approved certificates of a seminary only but you ignore this. You sent the Metropolitan a seal of your seminary which was viewed as placing the Semnary under THEOCACNA. I would have to review your old file as to the corresondence you sent with this and other correspondence.

If as you claim you taped conversation between a presiding bishop and yourself while in different states you likely violated state and federal laws. As for our statement about court it was stated as a promise not a threat. We do not tolerate defamation of our Church or clergy. You do what you must do. You will be bringing up your own situation by any such action and proving our position. Show us where in the Pedallion that you are guiltless. You are the terrorist for sending unsigned emails attacking this Church and clergy months ago ending with your bogus decree. We have the canons of the Church behind us. You have your threats and your ties to Garrison and his independent group as well as your claims of taping telephone calls behind you.

Since your messages only show you to be unchristian and unrepentant of you past violations of the canons we have nothing further to discuss. As for our website all infomation is true and correct and supported by documentation.

Therefore, please do not bother us any further, DO NOT EMAIL US. Do Not contact us again regarding this matter.

It has been over 6 years since the synod issued its decree against you and your associates. I have seen the findings, decree and envelope you returned with your own notes on it. You appeared more concerned that the address did not contain the "+" before your name than you were with the nature of the decree and findings. It has only taken you 6 years to decide you were not part of THEOCACNA and our synod did not have authority over you.

Since your contact was of a demanding and threatening nature and held no sign of sorrow or remorse for your past acts we seem to have no further business. DO NOT EMAIL US AGAIN.

* The Canons do not allow one bishop to depose or excommunicate another.

Stoms was associated with THEOCACNA and he violated the Canons by walking away and then he was listed as a member of the new Garrison church - OCCNA which incorrectly claimed to be THEOCACNA and claimed Metropolitan Victor was a former primate of this new group. Garrison and his associates violated the canons by setting up a seperate altar. They further violated the canons by insulting the Metropolitan and by theft of our Church name (Church Property) which also violates the Canons (Rudder). As you can see Stoms continues to insult the Metropolitan.

Stoms, and his associates, in fact were not Excommunicated. You may read the facts on the findings and decree pages.