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Groups claiming to be us


It has come to our attention that another individual is falsely claiming to be us by recently incorporating a church in Fla (2007) with our name and he has also taken our Logo, which is a service mark of this Church (logo and name). We are concerned when people unknown to us go around publicly claiming to be us. This individual and any associates are not associated with this, the true and original Church. He has no Sacramental authority from this Church. We view this as theft of Church property.

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We believe the reasons many in the independent movement attempt to claim they are us is to gain some sort of status and possibly fraud because we, the original Church & corporation, have received recognization from various groups including the Episcopal Church USA and the Roman Catholics.

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We now have documented proof, not only from our archives but also from the ethnic Orthodox in America, that no independent groups claiming to be the Society of Clerks Secular of St Basil or the AOCC are or could be us under any name. All such claims are clearly false. Continued claims are lies and proof these episcopi vagants are unchristian frauds.

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The following clergy and groups claim to be us or have used our name(s).

The most recent individual to claim to head our Church is a man in Florida called "Metropolitan Alexander" of the HOC-AJ. He incorporated a church in Florida using our name, stole our Church logo and name and say's Abp. Victor committed a felony when he filed papers, years ago I gather, with the government claiming a right to the name, logo and Church. This is either true or Defamation and since its not true and he cannot prove its true and he sent that same message to a number of others (shown in the headers of our copy) he has therefore let himself and his "church" open to a lawsuit for Defamation as well as infringement of our service mark. He has been an independent bishop about a year from what we can find out. He may also be the same man listed on other sites who, by the same name and also being a chiropractor, was a former member of a Roman Catholic Religious order.

Thaddeus Condrick, Hunlock Creek, PA., claimed titles of primate, archbishop and metropoliotan using our name (THEOCACNA).

Associated with Condrick were Matthew Tetreault, Robin Hood, Stephen Tyminski and others.

Vladimir (Wilson) Sehorn (N.C.)

Seraphim Holdridge (Co)

Denis Garrison, (Md)
Paul Doman, (Pa)
Paul Stoms, (Ga)

Thaddeus Stanford, (formerly of Ca., now N.M.)

and numerous others.

There are numerous groups claiming to be the "American Orthodox Catholic Church" as a continuation of the Church of Archbishop Aftimios Ofiesh or claiming their lines trace to Abp. Aftimios. [An inspection of their lines will show they were most likely claimed from uncanonical sources usually tracing back to an old catholic group or through doubtful independent "orthodox" lines].

Numerous independent groups claim our 1927 Charter was issued to them, or to the general public. This is of course false.

Groups like the Roman Orthodox Church claiming they received their Charter from us.

There are many groups claiming to be "The Society of Clerks Secular of St. Basil". The Society was established within this Church and the Society remains a part of this Church. Those claiming to be the Society today who are not and have not been directly under the North American Holy Synod of this Church are independent of this Church and the original Society.

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Registered Service Marks

Note: Registered means these marks are or were Registered with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. This also means we have proved prior right to our names and logo.

The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America

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The Society of Clerks Secular of Saint Basil

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2005 - Most Rev. Victor Prentice
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