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Before you continue please read this statement. This is not up for discussion. We are the one and only American Orthodox Catholic Church - (short name for) The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America that was canonically chartered by the Russian Synod in North America and headed by Archbishop Aftimios Ofiesh. This Church continues today. We are the original 1928 corporation!

All the independent groups who claim to be us by using one of our names, claiming to be us but under another name and who claim to be us based on their lines that trace back to Ignatius Nichols are in no way associated with us, are not us and have no apostolic succession from us. We deny they are even Orthodox! Since we exist and continue they cannot be us. When they or the ethnic schismatic jurisdictions attack us and Abp. Ofiesh of blessed memory they prove their unchristian nature by their actions!

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We were canonically established on Feb. 2, 1927 and incorporated in 1928 by Archbishop Aftimios Ofiesh of blessed memory. We are the same Church and same corporation today. A number of independent and SCOBA schismatic groups would claim we are not who we are but our documentation is on this page.

Originally established as the "Anchor Church" for Orthodoxy in the New World, North America, but ignored by the ethnic churches that now make up SCOBA. This was based on the greed of these groups and the desire to be ther "American Orthodox Church... but none but this Church is the one and only "American Orthodox Catholic Church".

By their refusal to recognize this Church and Synod these groups have caused a Schism to exist in American Orthodoxy. They show themselves to be unchristian by the false information they publish about us to make themselves look honorable.

Society of Clerks Secular of Saint Basil

It should be noted that the original Society was established as part of this Church in 1931 by Abp. Ofiesh and other clergy. Bp. Ignatius came into this Church in late 1932.

When Bp. Ignatius left in June 1933 to marry he left all authority behind and he had no letters when he left. By 1934 Ignatius, calling himself Archbishop Ignatius, was ordaining for an independent group and he estalished an independent society using the same name as our "Society of Clerk's Secular of Saint Basil". This group was never part of our SSB group. By 1942 Ignatius had left Orthodoxy completely and was the pastor of a small community church in Vermont.

Many in the independent movement make numerous claims that they are this Group, or even this Church under a different name. A search of their history and claims will prove their claims have no merit. One goes so far as to publish bogus documents on their website(s) with our Service Mark claiming three documents from the 1930's 7 1940's and a more recent forged document claiming to have been elevated to Metropolitan using our Church name & Logo (a violation of our Service Mark). These are the reasons you must be careful in your dealings with independent groups as some clearly make false claims that we can easily refute.

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