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findings & decree

Decree against Garrison, Dolan, Stoms & Brennan
(Brennans decree later lifted)

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Other Decrees

Grounds for Decree based on the Rudder

Canons on such acts

The North American Holy Synod based our decision to depose and anathematize the 4 former bishops on the following orthodox canons.

The Rudder states:
a. in c. XIV of the 17 canons when any bishop shall secede from his Metropolitan the Holy Council has decreed that "he shall be deposed from office".
b. c. VI of the 21 canons state "if anyone conducts a church of his own apart from the church and without permission [from the Metropolitan or Patriarch] the present canon Anathematizes them. Also see c.3 of the 25 canons.

Synod Findings

The Synod Findings and Decree are posted here. Be advised all documents posted on this site are true copies of the originals.

Decree against these individuals