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The Truth about Thaddeus AK

The Truth about Alan Stanford A/K/A Thaddeus

To verify what we say in the following we will include some website information for you to review.

The individual uses the name American Orthodox Church and claims on his website apostle1 that the Moscow Patriarchate gave them their blessing and the 1927 Charter that was issued to us is also claimed. This man and his Group are liars! This man is a convicted sex offender (see This person was, we understand, associated with and possibly consecrated by Maxey and also has been associated with Mike Itken of California. We were also advised he has ties to WOCA and the late David Luther whose lines trace to CASINA.

He has never been associated with the original American Orthodox Catholic Church which is our short name as listed in our Constitution. The 1927 Charter was issued by the North American Synod of Bishops (Moscow Partriarchate) under Abp. Platon of Canada. This Synod appointed Archbishop Aftimios as the first archbishop and he incorporated this Church as The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America. You may review our Corporate Certificate of Good Standing and Trustees list as filed with the state by going to and going to the documents page. They claim lines with excommunicated and/or deposed clergy and claim their lines through our Church but we reject that claim. None have received canonical consecration directly from this Church with a mandate issued. They instead claim our lines indirectly and not according to the canons (c.XIX of the 25 c.)

We have proven in Court who we are. The Court order declares Metropolitan Victor a private, not a public, figure but these people write against him and side with deposed and anathematized persons in those writings. Others declare Abp. Ofiesh of blessed memory a saint, we do not. Abp. Ofiesh was the first Archbishop of this Church, appointed by the Synod that chartered this Church and he became the first president of the Church corporation when he incorporated this Church Feb. 1, 1928 in Boston, Ma.

Alan Stanford, a/k/a Bishop Thaddeus has never been associated with us in any way. His website claim as the mother church is a lie. He is another member of the independent movement making false claims as to who they are.

We respond when these people lie and claim they are us or that they have lines traced back to us. If you look at the documents page at you will also see that our name is a Registered Service Mark of this Church and that the short name is shown in our constitution and is a service mark of this Church.

Written and posted April 9, 2005
for the North American Holy Synod

From the internet

Metropolitan Archbishop Joseph Thaddeus

The following information is taken from court documents or newspaper reports, etc. Everything written can be substantiated by public records. Copies can be requested from Please email Cappy Larson or Melanie Sakoda for more information. 

Metropolitan Archbishop Joseph Thaddeus AKA Alan "Skip" Stanford AKA Father Al

Search New Mexico Sex Offender Listing under the name "Alan Stanford"

He is currently residing in New Mexico and operates a web site called

... In the early 1991, several articles appeared in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat about Stanford's arrest for molesting 14 and 17 year old boys who were members of his "American Orthodox Church." At the time, Stanford pleaded no contest to five counts of child molestation. He was sentenced to thirteen years and four months in prison.

(on links to) News Articles

Father Al faces long sentence in molestations Santa Rosa Press Democrat, January, 1991
Breaking seal of confession stirs debate: Stanford to change molest charges plea [page 1] [page 2]
Santa Rosa Press Democrat, March, 1991 Sentence for clergyman in molest case [page 1] [page 2]
Santa Rosa Press Democrat, May, 1991 "Fr. Al' in prison for molesting two boys [page 1] [page 2]
Santa Rosa Press Democrat. November 1991
Check out archived articles from 1990 about the American Orthodox Church.

Vital Statistics

DOB: 02/04/1940
Sex: Male
Age: 64
Height: 5 ft 07 in
Race: White
Hair: Brown
Weight: 198 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Date of Conviction: 11/28/1990
Place of Conviction: Sonoma, California


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