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New Church home

Seeking a new Church home?

We welcome you to Western Rite Orthodoxy.

We welcome all to visit and join this Church. Since we are a smaller Church we are limited to location at this time. Those coming from a liturgical Church background should note that in many respects we are a blend of Episcopal & Roman Catholic traditions. We are western rite Orthodox. Our sacraments are accepted by Rome and ECUSA.

We welcome those from an Episcopal - Anglican background who leave their parent Church who desire fellowship with a canonically established Church.

Due to the Turmoil within the Episcopal Church USA we wish to offer a home to any members and clergy who decide to withdraw from this Church. We do not support Schism and feel your joining with us could be the answer to your problems. The Western Rite Service Book, known as the St. Andrew's Servce Book, is in many ways based on the 1928 Book of Common Prayer. Any groups coming into this Jurisdiction might be granted a waiver to continue to use the Liturgical Service of the Book of Common Prayer, 1928 with the exception of the Filioque clause. We wear both Eastern & Western style vestments. Being a part of this Church would be, in many ways, like you were still part of the early Episcopal Church when the 1928 BCP was in use. Prior to the early 1930's the Episcopal Church and the Orthodox worked together. We do not support the issues now destroying the Episcopal Church.

If you are no longer attending the Episcopal Church or are considering leaving due to problems with the many changes they have made over the years please consider visiting us.

We welcome members and clergy of the various Liturgical Churches who leave their parent Church due their allowing women clergy and other serious breaches in the Churches teachings and beliefs that are contrary to Holy Scripture. Non-Liturgical Church members as well as those of other faiths are welcome also.

We are a canonically established Orthodox Church out of the Russian Church - Moscow Patriarchate. We are Western Rite and our Service Book is very similar to the Book of Common Prayer. We are a historic Church from the historic old world jurisdictions that pre-date the Anglican Communion.

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Dormition of Mary Monastery

Invitation to join us


Why Join Us

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As a canonically established Orthodox Church who is recognized by both the Roman Catholic Church and the Episcopal Church USA we are the closest Church to the old world ethnic Churches available today. We are not a uniate Church and are not under the Pope of Rome. We are under Patriarch Nikon of the American Orthodox Patriarchate. Most non-scoba orthodox today in this country are part of the independent movement and make various claims about their status and recognition. Those who seek to be part of a sacramental Church outside the old world Churches need to look no further. America is our canonical jurisdiction! As the American Church we offer all in doubt, lost or those who have fallen away from their former Church a new home.


Episcopal Church USA

One of our former priests has been accepted, without re-ordination, as a Priest of the Episcopal Church USA.